Alfama by day


Alfama is the first ever sample library featuring a Portuguese Guitar. It is also packed with a Nylon Guitar, ideal for accompaniment and making quick arrangements of songs. With its harmonically rich and melancholic timbre, it will fit your sound pallette beautifully, adding texture and diversity to your creations.
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Portuguese Guitar

  • Chromatically sampled
  • 8x round-robin per note
  • Major and Minor Chords
  • 24 bit, 44.1 KHz sample resolution
  • 460MB (180MB with NCW lossless format)

Nylon Guitar

  • Major and Minor Chord loops in three different time signatures
  • Chromatically sampled
  • 5x round-robin per note
  • Hold function for easy playing of chord arrangements
  • 24 bit, 44.1 KHz sample resolution
  • 330MB (100MB with NCW lossless format)


Alfama ScreenShot
Alfama ScreenShot


System Requirements

Kontakt 5.3 (or later) full version
*(with Kontakt Player, it will play 15 minutes in demo mode)